Welcome to the Australian Animal Studies Group website

Animal Studies, alternatively known as Human-Animal Studies (HAS), is an emerging field of cross-disciplinary scholarship devoted to the investigation of the relationships between human and nonhuman animals and their environments.

The Australian Animal Studies Group (AASG) was formed in 2005 by a group working in the emergent field of Animal Studies (alternatively Human Animal Studies).  As a national body, AASG brings together writers, thinkers and researchers from across Australia and internationally to foster collaborations, organise events for the dissemination of current research and projects, and to provide information regarding research fellowships, awards, grants and scholarships for Australian Animal studies scholars and students. The AASG is active in organising and sponsoring seminars, symposiums and research workshops and has hosted five large conferences: 2005 Animals and Society (Perth, WA); 2007 Animals and Society II: Considering Animals (Hobart, TAS); 2009: Minding Animals (Newcastle, NSW); 2011: Animals, People: A Shared Environment (Brisbane, QLD); 2013: Life in the Anthropocene (Sydney, NSW). In the last few years, the AASG has grown considerably and our members, our bulletin and our new journal (http://ro.uow.edu.au/asj/, are testament to the dynamism of the field and the research and new thinking it is producing.

This website is a meeting point for all, providing information about animal studies scholarship and networks, and a forum for identifying themes of discussion, coursework and research practice.

Banner Image Acknowledgements:
Domestic Animals (Scholarly Explanation), 2008 giclee print and ink on hanemuller photo rag paper 80 x 130cm courtesy Yvette Watt

Elephant Seal and King Penguins courtesy Elizabeth Leane
A family and their pets pose on the front verandah ca 1905 courtesy State Library of Western Australia, image no.